Property Management Features for Landlords

Tap into some of the great features to help you manage your properties in Australia, such as Bpay payments, direct debits, rent tracking, maintenance requests and much more...

Rent payments

Rent payments

Tenants can pay rent to you via automatic direct debit, authorized direct debit and BPay, making it easy for them and more reliable for you.

RealRenta makes payments convenient and easy for your tenants, and you receive the money quickly and directly, usually the next day.

RealRenta tracks the rent and will populate the rental ledger, generate invoices and receipts. If a rental payment is missed.

Realrenta will alert you and your tenant, and when necessary automatically create a breach notice and begin a collection process all without you having to talk to the tenant or search for the relevant documents.



RealRenta allows you to advertise your properties on its own site and will also feed multiple platforms automatically including Realestate.com.au, Domain.com.au, Rent.com.au, Homely.com.au, Inspectrealestate.com.au etc.

Rental/Tenant Ledger

Rental/Tenant Ledger

RealRenta's Rental Ledger system, will auto populate and generate invoices/receipts, rental ledgers, sms prompts, alerts, breach notices, collection notices and Property History.

RealRenta's Property Management Software will automatically complete many recurring tasks, notify tenants and Owners of upcoming inspections, and can issue reminders and notices when a compliance breach occurs.

RealRenta uses a high level of automation to alleviate Residential & Commercial Landlords from the burden of accounting and legal compliance

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More Features

Rent Protection Guarantee

• Awesome landlord insurance with rent cover
• Guaranteed 100% of rent transferred as soon as funds are cleared
• Automated Rent Arrears system

Rent Arrears

The RealRenta Rent Arrears system tracks the rent and will populate the rental ledger, generate invoices and receipts. When rent is not paid the RealRenta system will alert you and the tenants and when needing automaticity create a breach notice and begin a collection process, all without you having to talk to the tenants or search for the relevant documents.

Tenant Search And References

RealRenta allows you to search a historical tenancy database when assessing a tenants application. For a fee you can also get the RealRenta team to do tenant reference and bad tenant database checks for you.

Dedicated File

RealRenta records and details all information to provide you with a complete historical record within a comprehensive, easy to follow, dedicated file for each investment property you have.

Easy To Use

RealRenta has an easy to use interface that allows all parties to engage the platform with no stress or need for assistance.
RealRenta Systems have an intuitive feel and are simple to use with no training necessary.
RealRenta's Customer SERVICE Team, are on hand to assist with any enquiries, simply call or email us with your enquiry, We are here to help.

Greater Control

The application process requires tenants to provide detailed background information, reducing ‘bad tenant’ risk to you. Photographic or video enhanced reporting allows for a truer picture of the actual condition of the property. ‘The camera doesn’t lie’. All of which assists with landlord insurance claims being recognised and that any subsequent arrears recovery will run smoothly.


RealRenta generates financial and taxation reports assisting compliance with bookwork requirements and allowing you to keep your finger on the pulse in real time.
An arrears control process is invoked automatically when rent is not paid. You can choose to issue a breach notice or begin an eviction service if necessary, direct from the application.


You and your tenants have access to information and legal advice professionals to greatly reduce unknowns. Both owner-managers and tenants are able to exercise control to the correct degree as the RealRenta platform automates many of the actions associated with the rental process.

Discounts On Services

As a valued member of RealRenta, you (and your tenants), will be eligible for exclusive discounts on products and services required to manage your property. RealRentar's strategic partners can provide you with lawn and garden care, bond cleans, pest control, re-location services, carpet cleaning, pool care, landlord insurance and more at discounted rates, all from your desktop.

Arm’s Length Relationships

RealRenta's cloud based system, means you deal directly with tenants, Contractors or Property Managers at your convenience.

It provides a complete audit trail of all communications.
This aids in reducing conflict, alleviate misunderstandings and removes personalities from rental transactions.

Lower Vacancy Rates

The tenants application process allows tenants to pre-book a property to their requirements. Our system will begin new leasing procedures 8 weeks prior to the expiration of a lease.


Tenants can access all critical information and receive alerts when rent is not paid, or for any other required information.
RealRenta will produce rental receipts; hold leases, rental ledgers, past referrals and past maintenance.
RealRenta's Tenant / Rental Ledger will give tenants an automatic reference with an electronic footprint of their rental history.
Discounted services are available to tenants through our affiliate network.


The system will auto populate and generate invoices/receipts and rental ledgers, sms prompts and alerts, breach notices, collection notices, property history, will auto complete many recurring tasks, notify tenants and Owners of upcoming inspections and can issue reminders and notices when a compliance breach occurs.
RealRenta uses a high level of automation to alleviate self-managed Landlords from the burden of compliance with accounting and legal procedures and to save on hours of tedious paperwork.

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