ACT Rental law changes due to COVID-19


The ACT has similarly amended its residential tenancy laws to allow its minister to make regulations to alter rental rules during the pandemic.

The regulations came into force on April 22, and cover anyone who has lost 25 per cent of their weekly income or are eligible for JobSeeker or JobKeeper.

The ACT eviction ban covers tenants for the non-payment of rent for three months from April 23, but maybe extended.

Tenants will enjoy extra rights when it comes to landlords or others entering their home, but the owner of the property will still, be required to fix urgent issues.

Rent increases are also frozen.

In the ACT’s first stimulus package, the government announced 165,000 residential ratepayers would receive a $150 rebate on the fixed charge of all residential rate bills in 2020-21.

In the second stimulus package, the territory government would give land tax rebates to local landlords who reduce tenants’ rents by at least 25 per cent for six months from April 1. The maximum rebate amount is $100 a week, and to access these landlords would need to reduce their tenant’s rent by $200 a week.

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Jason Gwerder
Friday, 8 May 2020

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