Ways landlords can find a tenant in a tough rental market - 3

If you think it’s harder to rent out your property than ever before, you’re not imagining it.

Not only are there fewer international migrants renting due to border restrictions, but many short-term rentals have converted to long-term.

While rents have held up in some areas, prices in some cities have taken a downturn.

But instead of a race to the bottom, there are other ways to attract the right tenant.

Pivot your target market


Many people have faced changing situations this year, and a property they may have never considered living in the past may be more attractive to them now. Some renters may want to downsize, upsize to include an office, or live closer to amenities.

A shift from people who wouldn’t have looked in the city, now looking in the city because the rents have come down, All of a sudden, it’s an attractive option. Prior to this, they may have been priced out of this market.

An uplift in local tenants, whereas previously we’d rely heavily on corporate workers and international students, the people who just aren’t here right now.

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Jason Gwerder
Monday, 10 May 2021

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