Do tenants have to pay for water use?

When it come to water bills, tenants are only liable for water consumption charges, not other associated supply charges ( unless your property is in South Australia, then you can pass the costs on).


It the property has a shared meter (often the case in apartments) tenants can’t be charged for consumption or supply.

This does not apply in SA or WA, where consumption on a shared meter can be charged, provided the method of calculation is explained on the lease agreement.

In NSW and QLD, tenants can’t be charged for water consumption, unless the correct water efficiency measures are installed (these vary slightly in each State).

This isn’t a requirement in other States, although if a water fixture needs to be replaced in Victoria, it must be done with a fixture that has a minimum 3-star water efficiency rating.


RealRenta Landlords can record all other fees and charges to tenants on the Service Ledger, which will automatically generate invoices and receipts for you and your tenant.

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Marlene Liontis
Friday, 14 February 2020

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