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 Thank you to al the landlords who sent questions in to us!

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Here are some of the best:



Q: I just inherited an investment property and I have never owned an investment property before and I want to make sure, it stays tenanted.

What are the best strategies to ensure it’s never vacant?

A: Great question and a very important one.

Here are our top tips:

• Keep the rent in-line with the market- resist raising the rent just for the sake of it

• Always ensure that the property is looking its best

• Respond to all requests in a timely manner

• Consider allowing pets so that you have access to a larger proportion of potential tenants

• Use RealRenta to manage your property and all communications between you and the tenant

RealRenta removes uncertainty from the equation, with our date and time-stamping.


Q: I am a foreign investor who is very attracted to the Australian property market.

What type of properties can I buy as a foreign investor?


A: The Australian government, are of the view that overseas investment should add stock to the property market, as this contributes to Australia’s economic growth. Your proposal for investment is more likely to be approved, if it involves, creating new dwellings. You can also acquire vacant land for development, or established dwellings for demolishing and redevelopment.



Q. Every year, my family and I spend all of December and January near the beach.I was thinking of buying a holiday home as an investment property and kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Do holiday homes make good investment properties?

A: Most of the time, holiday homes are located in what we call "secondary” locations and have limited capital growth. 100% occupancy of the property is not guaranteed and the best and busiest times to maximise returns, would be over the Christmas/January period- which is when you would want access to the property. In this type of market, it would be best to avoid any investment with an irregular source of income.

Marlene Liontis & Jason Gwerder
Wednesday, 7 November 2018

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