Attention Queensland Landlords- Potential rental reforms on the horizon.

The Queensland government has recently proposed changes to QLD tenancy laws, including the removal of a landlord’s right not to renew a lease agreement at the end of a tenancy.


This would allow a tenant to remain in a property indefinitely unless a landlord has a legal basis to end the agreement.

Other proposed changes include abolishing a landlord’s right to refuse pets, allowing tenants to modify a rental property without the landlord’s consent, as well as imposing certain standards on rental properties.

If you are concerned by the rental reforms proposed by the government, you can take this short survey from the REIQ  as soon as possible : https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/queenslandrentalreforms

Almost 4000 emails have been sent to the Queensland Premier, to oppose her governments proposed rental reforms. 
Want to join them https://www.rentalreforms.com.au/ (email has been done for you)

RealRenta Landlords have the advantage of automatically date and time-stamped interactions with their tenants.

RealRenta creates a file for each tenancy, where landlords and tenants can upload documents, agreements, photos and videos onto the platform, to form part of the file.

Landlords can advise tenants of inspections and tenants can request maintenance via the platform and RealRenta is always free for your tenants.

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Marlene Liontis & Jason Gwerder
Friday, 29 November 2019

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