Lighting Options for your Investment Property

Knowing the right lighting to have in your investment property, can help maximise the returns on your property and will impact on your ability to increase rent and the property value.

In Australia, new hardwired light fittings are tax deductible under capital works’ deductions.

Here are several options when considering the best types of lighting to install:

·       LED’s

LED’s are one of the most energy efficient options, so they are both beneficial for you and the tenant.

They range from $10 to over $500 depending on the style and once they are installed the tenant is unlikely to need to replace them, as they have several years of life in them.

·        Incandescent bulbs

Incandescent bulbs are more common than LED and the least expensive, not taking into account the lifespan.

Usually you get between 700 to 1000 hours use, which means the tenant will have to change them regularly.

Incandescent bulbs are likely to add value to your property but rather are a functional form of illumination.

·        Halogen bulbs

Slightly more energy efficient than incandescent bulbs, they can be adjusted with a dimmer.

Halogen bulbs are prone to exploding and are not necessarily the safest alternative.

·        Fluorescents- Fluorescent lighting is quite harsh and not dimmable, although they do last longer than incandescent. These lights are better for workshops and basements and not really suited to your investment property.

·       Compact Fluorescent bulbs

CFLs are similar to fluorescent illumination as they produce harsh blue and white light.

They are an inexpensive option as they have a lifespan 10 times of incandescent bulbs.

·        Light fittings

Changing lights is inexpensive however changing from incandescent to LED will require an electrician.


Overall LEDs offer the more practical and flexible option for your investment property.


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Jason Gwerder
Friday, 6 September 2019

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