What does a property depreciation schedule include?

Quality depreciation schedules will include, all constructions costs and assets, including previous renovations (whether completed by yourself or a past owner), as well as claim more aggressively, for low cost and low value assets.

There are differences between the standard inclusions of a cheap depreciation schedule and a more expensive one.

Capital Claims Tax Depreciation Schedule has all of the inclusions that can help you to maximise deductions such as:

·         Individually itemised asset values;

·         Identification and separation of staged capital works and improvements;

·         40 years of forcasted deductions;

·         Reporting of both diminishing value and prime-cost methods of depreciation, as well as graphing of the results for easy comparison;

·         Pooling of low-cost and low-value assets to speed up depreciation claims in the earlier years;

·         Inclusion of immediate write-off assets;

·         Scrapping/disposal of assets where applicable;

·         Itemised depreciation of Division 40 assets for application against CGT at sale.


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Marlene Liontis
Thursday, 19 March 2020

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