Energy Efficient Upgrades for Investment Properties

Taking the extra time to upgrade the energy efficiency of your investment property, will create a path for you to make more money.

You will make your tenants feel important and they will value your property more as well.

Energy efficient properties can generally yield a higher rental return and a higher resale value. Here are some important energy efficiency tips from RealRenta to keep in mind:

·        Install an electricity monitoring system to measure energy consumption

·         Replace old fluorescent lights with LED lights

·         Replace old air filters on air conditioners every 90 days to avoid built up dust decreasing the efficiency of the system

·         Reseal gaps in doors and windows & seal ducts to control temperature

·         Turn down the temperature on the water heaters ( this can save 3 to 6 per cent in energy costs)

·         Update old appliances to more energy efficient appliances, ie dishwashers, fridges etc.


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Marlene Liontis
Sunday, 25 August 2019

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