Rental Inspection Checklist from RealRenta

We want our landlords to conduct successful rental inspections, so we have compiled a comprehensive checklist:

• Do all the lights work?

• Check for loose cables on light fittings

• Look at the bottom of walls for any rising damp

• Check walls for large cracks

• Check for creaks on floor-boards

• Check to see if any floor-boards have started to come up at the edges

• Check all taps for condition and to see if they are dripping

• Check the oven for built-up grease

• Check tiles, sinks, mirrors, showers ,bathtubs and toilets for signs of mould and dirt

• Check between the hinges of cupboards and joins of shelves for food residue and grime

• Check handles and locks on windows and doors and sliding doors

• Check garage doors and external gates for operability


• Upload your completed checklist and any photos and videos onto the RealRenta platform to create part of your tenancy file

Jason Gwerder
Friday, 22 March 2019

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