It’s a truth universally acknowledged that you can’t have successful property investment without tenants paying you rent regularly.


But too many investors don’t put enough thought into who is the best person to manage their properties. And of course, that is you, No one else is going to care about your property or your wealth than you.

Successful property investors understand that they need to treat their portfolios like a business so they need the tools to do this and use online property management tools like RealRenta.

But if you are using a property manager. Then Like any industry, not all property managers are created equally so how can you recognise a bad one?

The following "signs” or behaviours are clear indicators of a potential problem on the horizon.

The time to deal with these issues is when you notice them because the longer, they continue unabated, the worse the outcome for your portfolio.


This is a major sign of unprofessionalism – and in some cases, sheer laziness.

Some examples of no follow through from your property manager include repairs not being done on time and/or in an orderly fashion, tenant complaints not being addressed, and a serious lack of regular property inspections.

If your property manager doesn’t follow through regularly, then you should consider doing it yourself. It is easy to do then using RealRenta.


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Jason Gwerder
Thursday, 24 September 2020

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