What types of properties should an investor avoid?

There is a saying that real estate, is slow to forgive and investing in bad property deals can take a long time to recover from.

It is much better to have no deal at all than a bad deal.

Here are some tips from our property strategist partners, to help you avoid some of these more risky investments:

·        Avoid properties with bad lay-outs, they are harder to sell

·        Don’t buy a property without a bath- you won’t be able to market the property to families

·        Beware of garage conversions- they are not always done well and will not sell well in areas where garages are desirable.

·        Avoid properties that are backing up to something negative and undesirable like power lines, mobile towers, strip clubs, train tracks etc

·        Properties with structural issues- Never close on a property without engaging a structural engineer –especially if the property is on an incline.

·        Don’t buy the biggest property on the street. It will be harder to sell. The bigger you go- price per square foot goes down. Remember it’s all about location

·        Always make sure you have the data on a property to back up your decision to invest. NEVER buy a property based on the emotional response it may trigger.

·        Don’t buy a one bedroom/1 bathroom house. They are very hard to rent out. You will be eliminating a huge part of the market.

·        Trust your gut- it if feels bad, it’s probably a bad deal.

 At RealRenta, we make it our business to work with Australia’s premier property developers and, in doing so, are able to help you identify, understand and assess the potential capital growth, rental return and tax benefits of your next investment.

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Marlene Liontis
Thursday, 31 October 2019

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