Interesting solar energy facts landlords should know

1. Solar energy is cheap

For Australian landlords, where sunlight is abundant, the cost of installation can be offset by attracting higher rental yields.

Many tenants will pay more rent to take advantage of the financial and ethical benefits of solar energy.


2. Solar won’t run out

Wind patterns and water levels are always subject to change but we will always have access to the sun.

An emergency generator can assist in the event of a long rainy season or other power problems.


3. Solar panels are built to last

Panels usually have 20 year warranties but can last even more than 30 years


4. Solar produces more energy than what is consumed.

Last year, the US state of California produced 19% solar energy , of which 1/5 is capable of powering over 6 million homes.


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Jason Gwerder
Wednesday, 29 May 2019

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