Questions you need to ask about a strata property before you purchase.

Strata property is a building, where individuals each own a small portion but where there is also common property, which each owner shares ownership over.


The shared ownership is managed by an owners’ corporation, also referred to as body corporate, strata management etc.

Here are the most important things that you must consider before buying into a strata property:

·     Check the strata scheme to find out exactly what you will own as your lot and what is common property

·     Who is the owners corporation in charge of your scheme and who is the strata manager

·     Is there a strata committee which includes a group of owners elected at each general meeting, whom represent all the owners.

·      Ask the owners corporation if there are any upcoming capital works that you need to be aware of.

·     What levies will you have to pay?

·     Ask to see the financials and minutes of the last few corporation meetings

·     Pay close attention to the quality and finishes in the overall property and they types of features that are included

·     Get familiar with the processes around the Annual General Meeting and get to know some of the other lot owners

·     Make sure that you insure your own contents under a separate insurance plan

·     Become familiar with the by-laws that affect your strata scheme

·     Look at the balance of the sinking & administrative funds and make sure there is enough in each of them for any planned works.

·     If you are buying off the plan, get a lawyer to look over the contract before signing or paying a deposit.


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Jason Gwerder
Thursday, 5 December 2019

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