What do you look for in a CBD Investment ?

Some inner city properties can deliver very strong returns.

We asked some of our landlords what they look for when they are buying properties in the CBD:

• Look for apartments that have a unique floor-plan (something that stands out from the rest of the pack)

• Must have a car space on the title

• Look for properties built in heritage buildings or with architect designed exteriors

• Make sure you have a view

• Look for apartments that attract plenty of natural light and airflow

• Look for units with at least 60 square metres of internal space (2 or 3 bedrooms)

• Look for apartments with AAAC 5 or 6 star sound rating and double glazed windows

• Make sure you understand the owners corporation fees

• Search the council’s plans for the area around the property you are interested in


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Marlene Liontis
Monday, 20 May 2019

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