Going to a rental or tenancy tribunal

Going to a rental or tenancy tribunal to argue your side of a rental debate can be quite nerve-wracking.

Some landlord and tenant disputes simply cannot be resolved without taking it to an authority.

RealRenta Landlords have an advantage when it comes to providing all the information for a hearing, as the platform keeps a comprehensive record of each tenancy, as well as the date and time-stamped proof of each transaction and interaction.

Here’s a RealRenta guide of how to prepare for an appearance at a tribunal:
•Get your evidence in order (download and print all the records of your tenancy from the RealRenta platform, including any miscellaneous requests from the tenant and photos).
•Know your desired outcome and how to justify it
•Consider what the case is against you
•Practice presenting your case
•Always remain respectful throughout the proceedings
•Consider professional assistance if necessary
•Make sure you have these documents if required: tenancy agreement, statutory declarations, receipts and quotes, photographs, copies of letters, emails and other correspondence and details of your case.
•Expect to go through mediation first

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Jason Gwerder
Friday, 29 May 2020

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