Say Good-bye to sneaky property management fees

There is a culture in lots of different industries of adding sneaky fees to the structure of agreements and property management is no exception.

It is common for a property manager, to advertise a low Management fee like 8% and then landlords find out later, about a raft of other fees that are not included in the "management fee”.

These can include:

• Inspection fees

• Letting fees

• Admin fees

• Advertising fees

• Anything else they can think of to charge you extra for!

When you are formulating your budget, the last thing you want is for the cost of managing your property to knock out all your calculations.

RealRenta does everything a property manager does, at less than a quarter of the cost, with just a FLAT SUBSCRIPTION FEE!

So what does RealRenta cost?

$39 per month for 1 property, $27 per month (per property) for 2 properties, 3 properties and above $10 per property per month. EG: 3 properties= $64 per month


Become a RealRenta Landlord today and get 50% off the normal subscription fees: https://mailchi.mp/realrenta/50-deal-2020

Jason Gwerder
Monday, 20 April 2020

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