How to avoid buying an investment property lemon

Buying an investment property that turns out to be a lemon, can be a property investor’s worst nightmare.

The best way to make money as a property investor is to buy well. How do you mitigate risk and what do you look out for?


·     Look for cracks in walls or plaster and external brick walls- this is most likely and indication of structural problems

·     Look for blackened areas around power outlets, which is often the sign of faulty wiring which increases the risk of fire

·     Look for damp areas which can signify makeshift drains and plumbing issues. Rusty pipes are also a dead give-away of plumbing issues

·     Cracked roof tiles are also a sign of serious consequences for the internal structure of the property. Water can get and create risks if wiring is exposed to water. Look out for rust on the roof or guttering, poorly fitted gutters and bubbling/swelling in wall paint.

·      If you see dampness/wetness and/or mould in floors ,walls, ceilings, skirting boards and wall bases, this can be a sure fire sign of water seepage around the property.

·     If you see small bits of wood around cornices, door frames and window frames, gaps in walls and door frames, damaged floors and bubbled paint- it is highly likely that the property has a termite problem

Here at RealRenta, we don’t just want to "sell” you a property.

Our founders created RealRenta so that fellow property investors, could leverage off the developments in property technology, to maximise the returns on their investments through automation.

Our property advisory service is based on the same principle- we want to help fellow property investors capitalise on our industry knowledge and expertise when seeking to build their portfolios.

Our expert team is accredited with a comprehensive range of industry insights and experiences that are utilised for optimum results, when executing your property investment strategy.

We make it our business to work with Australia’s premier property developers and, in doing so, are able to help you identify, understand and assess the potential capital growth, rental return and tax benefits of your next investment.

We’re focused on getting you priority access to developments in Australia’s fastest-growing suburbs.

We currently have an extensive selection of new projects, house& land packages, townhouses,developer specials, one off price reductions and rebated stock.

Understanding the reasons behind different property investment strategies is important.

Having access to independent and unbiased advice is essential.

Don’t waste your time and money speaking to the wrong people.

Contact us today for a free consultation with one of our property advisors @ propertysales@realrenta.com



Marlene Liontis
Friday, 4 October 2019

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