RealRenta Quick Tips To Increase Rental Yield

RealRenta Quick Tips to increase Rental Yield

Here are some quick tips from RealRenta, to increase your rental yield, from your Investment Property and they don’t have to cost a fortune:

· Give it a Cleaning Makeover- give everything a once over, like skirting boards, windows, light fittings etc

· Install some appliances, dishwasher, dryer, ducted heating, air conditioning etc

· Flexibility with pets- some tenants will pay a little more to have a pet

· Renovate- replace outdated kitchens, carpets, light fittings, door handles etc

· Get testimonials from past tenants, saying what a wonderful landlord you are

· Install some storage space for your tenants

· Install Solar Power- tenants will love this as it will save them money on electricity

· Take professional photos of your property- boost the perception and attract higher quality tenants

· Provide outdoor entertaining areas- this will also raise the capital value of your property

· Landscaping- plant trees, flowers, decorations and even a new mailbox.

· Sealed windows- reduce noise and help tenants save on heating and cooling.

Many of these changes will not only increase the overall value of your property, but will likely make your tenants want to stay longer- Everyone is a Winner!!!

Jason Gwerder
Saturday, 12 January 2019

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