Ways you may unwittingly lower your property’s re-sale value

Some of these may be obvious but you would be surprised, how many people overlook these things, when trying to sell their property:

1.    Not repairing obvious damage

Repairing minor but obvious damage will make it easier to command a higher price. Things like chipped paint, leaky faucets and carpet stains, can really undermine a potential buyer’s perception of your property.

2.     Removing mature trees

Mature trees are not only aesthetically pleasing but well placed trees can lower energy bills and provide privacy. Mature trees are not easy to replace and can increase your homes resale value.

3.     Don’t convert the garage

Australian’s love their garages, so convert the garage at your own peril. Garage conversions don’t always work out because of poor insulation and potential buyers will balk at the lack of covered parking space.

4.     Unusual or quirky painted walls

Neutral shades tend to be more appealing to buyers and actually can help boost a home’s selling price. Stylish and clean colours, signal that a home is well cared for, or that the previous owner had an eye for design, that will extend to the rest of the property.

5.     Careless Home Staging

Staging your home properly can really help you increase the resale value.  Make an effort to de-clutter and re-arrange furniture to show off the best features. Experts say that the kitchen and living room are the most important rooms to stage.


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Jason Gwerder
Monday, 26 August 2019

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