Big Mistakes Property Managers make

We asked our landlords, to identify some of the biggest mistakes their ex-property managers made and what finally persuaded them to self-manage

There have been some massive blunders, like:

·        Not putting repeat bad tenants on Bad Tenant Databases and other unsuspecting landlords inherit the problem tenants

·        Letting tenants get too behind on payments, resulting in evictions that could have been avoided, with more effective early intervention.

·        Rushing inspections and missing out on or overlooking critical issues, that have resulted in more expense for the landlord

·        Not doing proper screening of tenants, which resulted in unscrupulous tenants trashing and in some cases, destroying a landlords’ property

·        Not managing a landlords’ expectations, or even doing a landlord induction at the start of the relationship

·        Not returning calls and emails or taking property notes on inspections

·         No handover process for the landlord when property managers leave and a new manager is appointed

·         Not handling maintenance requests in a timely manner- making the issue bigger and causing damage to the property or sometimes, just hiring the wrong contractor.

·        One property manager didn’t tell his landlord that the tenant was running a child care centre from the property- Oh Boy!!!


Remove the "he said, she said” from the equation.

RealRenta dates and time stamps every interaction between landlords and tenants.

Tenants can request all maintenance via the RealRenta platform and even upload photos and documents.


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Jason Gwerder
Sunday, 20 October 2019

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