Building a true property investment business – Tip 2

Take action

If you cornered me and asked me to come up with one single trait that I have found in common amongst the successful investors I’ve come across… what would that be?

It’s that they make decisions and take appropriate action.

As Steven Covey said:

"The Best Way You Can Predict Your Future Is to Create It.”

Begin by developing a mindset for your business success

In his book The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace Wattles taught that your thoughts lead to your feelings-> your feelings lead to your actions -> your actions lead to your results.

The time I first read this many years ago was probably when I started to understand the power of developing the right mindset.

I learned that your inner world (thought and feelings) lead to your outer results (actions and results)

The decisions you make (or don’t make) lead to the actions you take (or don’t take) and this creates the results you achieve.

By the way… this is not metaphysical "rah rah” stuff – mindset is what separates the truly successful property investors from the pack.

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Jason Gwerder
Monday, 19 April 2021

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