The benefits of RealRenta’s Tenant Ledger

One of the most important things a tenant can have, at the end of their tenancy, is a copy of their tenant ledger that shows that the rent was always paid on time.

The rental ledger is a useful form of documentation, if a tenancy matter is ever bought before a court or tribunal.

The RealRenta tenant ledger is a comprehensive statement of every rent payment a tenant has made, as well as the date the rent covers.

The ledger will also show if rent has ever fallen behind.

RealRenta ‘s tenant ledger also enables the tenant to print rent receipts and invoices as required .

RealRenta tenants can access form and helpful guides, as well as request maintenance via the platform.

Tenants are always Free on RealRenta.

Jason Gwerder
Friday, 25 January 2019

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