Why are RealRenta Landlords so relaxed?

RealRenta automatically manages the tenancy in your investment property and for less than a quarter of what property managers charge!

No wonder our landlords are so relaxed!

Here are some more reasons:

Rent payments

Tenants can pay rent to you via automatic direct debit, authorized direct debit and BPay, making it easy for them and more reliable for you.

* makes payments convenient and easy for your tenants, and you receive the money quickly and directly, usually the next day.

* tracks the rent and will populate the rental ledger, generate invoices and receipts.


If a rental payment is missed.

* will alert you and your tenant, and when necessary automatically create a breach notice and begin a collection process all without you having to talk to the tenant or search for the relevant documents.


Rental/Tenant Ledger

• Rental Ledger system, will auto populate and generate invoices/receipts, rental ledgers, sms prompts, alerts, breach notices, collection notices and Property History.

• Property Management Software will automatically complete many recurring tasks, notify tenants and Owners of upcoming inspections, and can issue reminders and notices when a compliance breach occurs.

* uses a high level of automation to alleviate Residential & Commercial Landlords from the burden of accounting and legal compliance


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Marlene Liontis
Saturday, 30 March 2019

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