Australian Architecture 101

The Australian architectural landscape varies from State to State, with some styles being a response to the local landscape.

Here is a quick RealRenta guide on the different styles and where they are most likely found:

·        The Queenslander

As the name suggests, this elevated style is designed to withstand flooding, heat and pests. They are elevated for good ventilation and are usually on large blocks. Many of these are heritage listed so there may be restrictions, with regards to renovation.

·     Victorian

These beauties can be found in the inner suburbs of Sydney, Melbourne and Hobart predominantly. Many of them have wrought iron terraces, patterned brickwork, stucco facades, moulded ceilings, with bold colours inside and stained glass. They are of a solid brick construction, with quality craftsmanship and timber flooring. They are usually on smaller blocks and restoration can be very expensive.

·     Edwardian/Federation

These houses started appearing around 1895 to 1910, keeping many of the ornate features of the Victorian period. Federation homes can be found in the inner suburbs of major cities, as well as in regional areas. They are spacious and elegant and can be found on bigger blocks and larger rooms.

·     Californian Bungalow

These started being built in Australia around 1915, usually built in brick, with a chunky brick verandah.

They are generally on larger, quarter-acre size blocks, with open-plan living and easy to renovate.

·     Art Deco

Australia embraced Art Deco between the two world wars. Art Deco is a more solid and graphic style of construction, with less organic shapes. They still have some charm however, in glass brick walls, wood paneling, ceiling moulds and stained glass. Many of them are close to transport links and can be found in the harbour-side suburbs of Sydney, or inner suburbs of Melbourne or Adelaide.


·     Post-war brick veneer

These mostly single-storey homes are all over Australia. Most are brick veneer, with garages and carports. They were built using mass produced materials, including asbestos. They are plentiful and therefore, more affordable and often on larger blocks.


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Thursday, 24 October 2019

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