How to evict your tenant for not paying rent – Tip 5

2020-09-11 How to evict your tenant for not paying rent – Tip 5

Tribunal hearing day

If you have prepared everything this will be a breeze.

Get there 30 minutes early just in case there are any last-minute things you need to sort out.

When you are in the hearing don’t speak over the tribunal member. Just answer the questions and have the documents ready when requested. In about 15 minutes you’ll be walking out with the Order for Possession. Simple.

The Order of Possession will have a date on which the tenant must vacate the property by. This will typically be about a week after the hearing.

Providing the tenant moves out on the new vacate date given by Tribunal you will be down in total 6 – 7 weeks rent depending on if you hand-delivered the notice and got a hearing quickly.

That’s why you must give the eviction notice to the tenants the as soon as they fall over 14 days behind – no excuses.

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Jason Gwerder
Friday, 11 September 2020

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