What’s ahead for tenants?

Rental demand doesn’t look likely to ease any time soon, particularly with our borders reopening and international students returning, filling the once vacant CBD apartments.

And most immigrants coming to Australia rent for a few years until they get their bearings in their new homeland.

Also…many potential first home buyers will remain tenants for longer as inflation and the rising costs of living, including soaring rents, eat into their ability to save a deposit.

On the supply side, more investors are coming into the market, but the real challenge ahead is that building approvals for new apartment complexes are dropping.

And to make things worse, many of the apartment complexes on the drawing board will not get out of the ground as they are now unprofitable due to steep cost and price increases, and interest rate hikes at a time our housing markets are entering a correction phase.

So while it’s a bleak time for tenants, property investors can look forward to rising rental returns.

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Jason Gwerder
Thursday, 16 June 2022

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