Quick tips for higher rental yields from RealRenta

1. Spring or late summer are the busiest times of year for relocating and leasing, so request extended leases that expire in spring or late summer as a way to mitigate unnecessarily long vacancy periods.

2. Spring clean and have your property professionally cleaned and make sure that windows are gleaming.

3. Always use a professional photographer to make sure your property is shown in the best light, especially a photographer who is very good at using lighting effectively.

4. Make sure that you highlight all the important features on your website advertising and consider using the best possible position on online portals  

5. Consider Self Managing.

Why hand over your revenue directly to a Property Manager when a platform like RealRenta will do everything that they do- and your investment revenue is paid straight into your bank account- not theirs!


Are you sick of handing over income from your investments directly to a Property Manager?

Use RealRenta instead and get your rental income paid directly into your Bank Account.

See how easy it is!

Try RealRenta now for Free for up to 2 months and you will NEVER pay a Property Manager again.

Start your Free Trial here: https://app.realrenta.com/Signup.aspx

Jason Gwerder
Tuesday, 16 July 2019

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