Rental Property Inspection – Types of Inspections

Rental property inspections come in several types, including:

Move-in inspections. Sometimes referred to as a "walkthrough,” move-in inspections occur with a tenant after signing the lease but before moving into the property. Use a checklist to verify the condition of the property, kitchen appliances, and other features. Sometimes, photos or videos are taken of the property to confirm the condition before the tenant moves in. Once the inspection is complete, the tenant signs the checklist and gets a copy for their reference. The checklist allows the landlord to charge the tenant for damages upon moving out if anything was not initially noted during the move-in inspection.

Quarterly inspections. Many rental property inspections are performed every few months to confirm that the property is in good condition. Some landlords perform these inspections if they’re concerned that the tenant is possibly violating the lease terms. Make it clear to your tenants that quarterly inspections will be completed as soon as they move in, so they are not caught by surprise. You’ll still need to get their permission before performing the inspection per local laws.

Drive-by inspections. Rental property management companies and landlords can do a drive-by inspection to visually check the outside of the property at different times of the day, week, or year. These inspections don’t require advance notice to the tenant since they’re done by simply walking or driving past the outside of the property. This is a good option if you’re concerned about activity occurring at certain times of the day or night. It gives you a chance to talk to the neighbors if you have concerns about crime, tenant activity, or even the condition of the building.

Move-out inspections. A move-out inspection occurs before the tenant officially moves out, and it gives the landlord a chance to take note of any damages to the property. The move-in inspection checklist will be used to make a side-by-side comparison of how the property looks now compared to when the tenant moved in. This inspection can be used to charge the tenant for repairs, which typically comes out of their rental deposit.

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Jason Gwerder
Wednesday, 22 September 2021

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