I’ll sue! - See you in court

I’ll sue! 

If someone is injured on your premises or suffers property damage/loss, and it’s your fault, you can be held liable.

Legal liability claims can stretch into the hundreds of thousands of dollars – landlord insurance can provide you with cover stretching into the millions.

See you in court

It’s not something anyone wants to think about, but as a landlord, you just may find yourself having to go to court, or appear before a tribunal, over a loss of rent matter.

Anyone who’s ever hired a lawyer knows the fees can be eye-watering.

With the right landlord insurance, legal expenses may be claimable.

RealRenta has all the tools that a property manager has, but less than ¼the cost of a property manager.

Join now and the cost is less than a cup of coffee a week to manage your rental property

RealRenta also has a free vision, so why not check it out

Jason Gwerder
Thursday, 10 February 2022

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