The Most important things to repair before selling a property

We asked some of  the most successful agents we know, what they consider the most important things to repair before selling a property to maximise ROI.

This is what they told us:

• Remove dark and chipped paint and use light and neutral colours as this will appeal to more buyers.

• Remove any wallpaper as wallpaper really dates a property

. • Remove any junk in the front and backyards and replace any missing fence boards

• Mow the grass and take out any weeds and plant some flower beds

• Address any problems with your roof as this is one of the first things buyers will look at

• Install new fixtures in the kitchen and replace counter-tops to something more appealing

• Clean the bathroom and repair any problems with toilets and taps

• Replace the toilet seat, clean the grout and replace any missing tiles

• Ditch any heavy curtains for lighter materials that let in light

• Remove any dated light fixtures for newer, energy efficient options

• Refinish any hardwood floors

• Check that all door knobs and locks are working


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Jason Gwerder
Sunday, 27 January 2019

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