Where to find cash-flow positive properties in Australia

Let’s be blunt- finding positive-cash-flow properties can be really, really hard.

So where are these types of properties hiding?

We asked our property strategist partners and these are their tips:

·       Look at rural town centres where you can buy a house instead of a unit and avoid strata fees.

·       Look for rural towns with high yield, population growth and good employment figures

·       Look for rural towns with populations above 10,000 (lenders tend to prefer these to smaller ones)

·       Mining is still a big industry in Australia, or have a look at some mining towns where rental yields are usually high ( always do your research, in some towns, the government will be providing housing)

·        Look for blocks of units on a single title ( you won’t have to pay strata fees, there is less vacancy risk and lenders will treat it as a commercial property)

·        Look for inner city apartments that you can rent out by the room

·        Look at car parks for sale in the city or near or popular train station and rent it out

·        Consider leasing out the car space/garage separately if you own a property


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Jason Gwerder
Thursday, 30 January 2020

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