How to attract Property Investors

Private investors are attracted to real estate investments because of potential high returns.


High ROI and tax advantages are a magnet for investors however "secured” returns, may not always be enough to entice investors to your opportunity.

Many people read the headlines about the next "Housing bubble” and start getting cold feet about investing, so you may have to go a few steps further to get them over the line.

Here are some tips from RealRenta:

·       Demonstrate a strong ROI

·       Show a strong margin of safety ie adverse market conditions will not have much impact on ROI

·       Show strong returns in spite of rent or market price declines

·       Highlight the tax benefits

·       Highlight the depreciation aspects

·       Develop a very meaty but precise content marketing strategy- tailored specifically to the type of investors you want to attract  to your opportunity

·       Develop a strong marketing strategy- both online, outbound, social and web presence

·       Know your target audience-thoroughly

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Jason Gwerder
Tuesday, 10 September 2019

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