How to prevent your tenant from falling behind in rent – Tip 2

Set the tone with the right documents

Everything you do leading up to handing over the keys to your new tenant will set the tone for the whole tenancy.

The minute the tenant gets the keys in their hot little hands is the moment your words fall on deaf ears.

You absolutely must do the following before they move in:

  • Sign the lease and give them a tenant handbook (Some states by law you need to)
  • Complete a thorough condition report
  • Get the bond money and bond lodgement form signed
  • Give them: What happens if you don’t pay rent document

That last document explains what will happen if they miss a payment. If your tenants know what will happen, they won’t complain because they knew upfront what would happen if they missed a payment.

This strategy also makes it easier to maintain a friendly professional relationship even if you have to evict them.

Maintaining a friendly professional relationship throughout the whole tenancy is really important. Sometimes you might have to rely on the rapport you have with them when dealing with a sticky situation.

Check out more tips on how to prevent your tenant from falling behind in rent, in the next blog


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Jason Gwerder
Thursday, 20 August 2020

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