The Rules of Property have changed - Part 2

Retirees / Downsizers

The later generations’ priorities have changed also.

It used to be about the sea change or tree change, but in reality, it was only small sections of this demographic that made the move.

The majority are staying put, they want to live close to their Doctor or Dentist, their local shops and cafes also and importantly their family.

Many are also choosing still to continue working, albeit at a much slower pace.

They are just selling the larger 4- or 5-bedroom home and moving into something much smaller and low maintenance.

This also allows them a healthier nest egg come full retirement.

So once again, this generation is also staying fairly central and close to where the action us.

The shift is on

More people will continue to want to live in our inner cities.


You need to really understand this key point if you are going to be successful with property over the next decade.

If you continue to buy in outer areas, where there is less demand for property, you are really going to struggle.

20-30 years ago, you were able to take advantage of the emotion factor and the way Aussies wanted to live.

But that is now rapidly changing, and you need to adapt and look for properties in inner to middle ring locations with high owner-occupier appeal.

All things being equal, houses will always be preferable in quiet tree-lined streets.

We also see huge potential for townhouses and villas in these middle-ring suburbs.

They provide quality low maintenance living and are affordable to varying target markets in the right locations.

For apartments, homeowners don’t necessarily want to be paying $6,000+ in Body corp fees in flashy complexes with facilities they will barely use.

They much prefer quieter, boutique blocks with more ample living spaces and something special like a courtyard or balcony with an outlook.

Change Your Strategy


The way people are choosing to live moving forward is dramatically changing.

As a result, you should also be changing your criteria if you are serious about taking advantage of the next property cycle.

While the supply of land in outer areas will remain high, it will be a demand that is reduced due to this change.

You could have bought anywhere 20-30 years ago and done "ok” out of property.

But moving forward buying and hoping in these outer areas will be a very slow way to grow your wealth.

Stick to the investment fundamentals of low supply and high demand in our inner and middle-ring suburbs and you will reap the rewards.


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Jason Gwerder
Thursday, 15 April 2021

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