While it's easier and more trendy to be pessimistic, I believe that optimism is the only realism.

There are so many doomsayers out there, and I know because I regularly get trolled by them.

There has never been as much information about how to become financially fluent in the public arena as there is today, however, there is just as much financial misinformation and this has made many people pessimistic.

By the way... I don't know a rich pessimist.

Yet based on history, I confidently believe in the ability of a capitalistic society to prosper on the back of our collective ingenuity.

And if the last few years didn’t teach you anything, they should have taught you that residential real estate in Australia is an asset class that is too big to fail.

Neither the Government, the Reserve Bank, or even the private banks are going to allow it to fail.

More than that residential real estate is a great asset class to use to build your wealth because it is underpinned by a large proportion of owner-occupiers, homeowners who would rather eat dog food than give up their homes.

And remember… 50% of these homeowners don't have a mortgage against their home, having paid it off a long time ago; and a large percentage of the other homeowners have paid off a significant portion of their mortgage.

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Jason Gwerder
Wednesday, 16 August 2023

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