How to avoid a bad builder

There are some exceptional builders out there but there are also some bad apples.


Here are some tips from our friends in construction:

1. Take your time- don’t rush. Research the builders that build in your area of interest

2. Search for reviews and examples of their previous work

3. Check to see if they have ever been taken to a tribunal or if there are any outstanding disputes against them

4. Good builders are always busy- so if they say they can start tomorrow- beware

5. A good home builder does not take any shortcuts in his work, except in making it more productive without sacrificing any quality

6. A good building contractor takes full responsibility for their work and would replace any item or section that is damaged from his work.

7. A good builder will agree on the quality standard that is expected of the project before commencing so everything would in black and white to avoid any disagreements later on.

8. A good builder will implement construction quality control practices that would ensure that no damage to existing goods, fixtures and surfaces would be incurred. Blemishes or damages to existing items are totally unacceptable and the builder should be totally liable for these damages.


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Marlene Liontis
Sunday, 24 February 2019

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