Getting quotes for Building & Renovations

When it comes to building and renovations in general, do not lock yourself into any contracts until you know exactly what you want and have compared at least 3 quotes for the same plans/specifications.

Ask family or friends to recommend builders or trades people that they have used and if you are using an architect, ask them to recommend 2 or 3 builders. Also, contact professional associations and industry organizations to find local building services and make sure that you fully understand the consequences of signing any contract.

If the work costs $10,000 or less, contact your local council to find out if any permits are required.

Make sure that you have all the contractors’ details such as address, phone number, registered business names and licence details.

Ask for a realistic estimate of the expected duration of the work and confirm, whether the quote includes transport to and from the job, time and transport to obtain parts, costs of parts, labour, apprentice costs, call-out fees, weekend and/or public holiday rates.

Confirm how the contractors will handle any changes to the quote or the time frame, delays, late payments, if there are late payment fees and how will they address any concerns you may have about the quality of the work.

Also make sure that you keep a copy of the quote and document any conversations about quality assurance and costs and ask to see a Certificate of Currency for Public Liability Insurance.


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Marlene Liontis
Friday, 5 July 2019

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