Thinking you know it all and that you have nothing left to learn, is foolish.

This kind of belief system cuts you off from growing, it short-circuits the imagination and it stops you from developing new ideas.

Aim to be one of those people who ask other people questions at barbecues.

Don’t get so stuck in your own head, and your own career, that you forget that other people are leading interesting lives and may very well have a role to play in yours, too.

Always be on the lookout to learn more. It’s good for business, but it’s also good for your soul.

RealRenta has all the tools that a property manager has but for less than ¼ the cost of a property manager.

You can now manage your Residential, Commercial or share/student accommodation property

Join now and the cost is less than a cup of coffee a week to manage your rental property.

RealRenta also has a free vision, so why not check it out.

Jason Gwerder
Thursday, 4 April 2024

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