Common tenant complaints - Noise

Excessive noise is always an issue and isn’t just restricted to the unit dwelling. Loud, excessive noise can originate from other units, nearby buildings and generate off-the-street racket.

Most noise complaints are the result of just one regular offender.

More often it will be just one particular tenant that’s causing the problem – one bad apple, They’re the ones that frequently cause ongoing problems. Generally, complexes don’t have more than one tenant repeatedly making excessive noise and complaints are often because of a party.

Tenants should also consider the location of their apartment.

If it’s inner-city, there’s more noise generally and a younger demographic of tenant is usually more tolerant of these things than people living in the suburbs.

To help limit noise complaints, multi-unit dwellings be designed in such a way that bedrooms are located away from living or entertainment areas.

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Jason Gwerder
Tuesday, 30 March 2021

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