Creating an Audit Trail for each Tenancy with RealRenta

Keeping accurate records is essential for any landlord.

RealRenta records and details all information to provide you with a complete historical record within a comprehensive, easy to follow, dedicated file for each investment property you have.

The platform provides a complete audit trail of all communications.
This aids in reducing conflict, alleviates misunderstandings and removes personalities from rental transactions.

Evidence of your income from a property is essential for Tax Time, as well as receipts and documentation of expenses.

RealRenta's Rental Ledger system, will auto populate and generate invoices/receipts, rental ledgers, sms prompts, alerts, breach notices, collection notices and Property History.

RealRenta's Property Management Software will automatically complete many recurring tasks, notify tenants and Owners of upcoming inspections, and can issue reminders and notices when a compliance breach occurs.

RealRenta uses a high level of automation to alleviate Residential Landlords from the burden of accounting and legal compliance.

See why RealRenta is revolutionising Investment Property Ownership.

It is cutting out the middle man, streamlining  Self Management  and putting YOU in control of your Investment,  and  MOST important of all- SAVING YOU MONEY!

Start your Free trial here:  https://app.realrenta.com/Signup.aspx

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Marlene Liontis
Thursday, 19 September 2019

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