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Investors think that the hardest part of becoming an investor is searching for and finding the right investment property.


In reality, that’s only the beginning.

Once you own an investment property and become a landlord, you have to learn how to effectively manage it – and a huge part of this is ensuring that your tenants are happy.

After all, if they’re not happy living there, they’re going to move to greener pastures pretty swiftly.

We are going to look at the most common tenant complaints, for those living in apartments and how to overcome them.



Children running around in a unit complex without much adult supervision are likely to attract the attention of other tenants, and not in a positive way.

We’re not talking about kids who like to take a scooter ride after school around the complex – but the cheeky children who shriek around the complex and go ‘door-knocking’ (purposely or intentionally knocking on other tenants’ doors and then running away for "fun”, a game that can be very irritating and frustrating for neighbors).

Complaints regarding children can be targeted at those who live on the premises, or children who are visiting the complex temporarily.

Importantly, a body corporate can't refuse to let a dwelling to certain groups of people such as families, and complaints regarding children can be very difficult to manage. Children are, by nature, noisy little critters!

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Jason Gwerder
Wednesday, 28 October 2020

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