What improvements can tenants make to your property?

Sometimes, tenants may want to make improvements to your property that suit personal tastes.

They may ask for things like:

·       Hooks in walls

·       Window treatments

·       Connecting phone/internet lines/satellite dishes/pay tv

·       Additional safety features (locks, chains, security doors, security windows)

·       Planting flowers and vegetables and fruit trees

The more significant types of changes however, will need a landlord’s permission and it is advisable that a tenant asks in writing, before attempting any changes, especially the following:

·        Changing paint colour (interior/exterior)

·         Replacing or removing mounted light fixtures

·        Repairing or replacing appliances and fixtures

·        Removing/changing any type of flooring

·        Erecting playground equipment, above=ground pools/saunas

·        Removing/replacing locks and security systems ( in the case of burglary and domestic violence, the tenant is mostly entitled to proceed)


Ask your tenants to make all requests via the RealRenta platform, which dates and time-stamps every interaction.

Your tenant can upload photos and videos of any changes that they wish to undertake onto the platform and this information will form part of the tenancy file.

Make sure that the lease agreement is very clear about issues regarding changes and amendments to your property and what is and is not allowed.


In the event that a tenant proceeds with major changes without your permission and is in violation of the lease agreement, you will have legal recourse against the tenant.

The tenant may be ordered to bear the cost of returning the property to its’ original condition and you may have the right to keep any of the bond, that is necessary to cover the cost of any missing appliances, fixtures and/or damage to the property.


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Jason Gwerder
Friday, 18 October 2019

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