Self-managed landlord obligations- State by State

In addition to general landlord responsibilities, each State and Territory has their own specific requirements:

·     ACT

Before the start of each tenancy, a landlord must provide their tenant with a copy of thw Office of Fair Trading Booklet- "The Renting Book”.

Landlords must issue a receipt for bond monies and lodge the bond with the Office of Regulatory Services within 2 weeks.

Tenants must also be issued with 2 copies of the Condition Report within one day of moving in.

The tenant must return this report to the landlord within 2 weeks, stating any disagreement with the report.

·     NSW

Landlords must provide tenants with a copy of the ‘New Tenant Checklist” available on the NSW Fair Trading website before the lease agreement is signed.

Fines can be applied if the correct procedure is not followed.

Landlords must also be aware of discrimination and fair trading laws and 90 days is required if no new lease has been signed, following the expiry of a fixed-term lease.

·     NT

Landlords have an obligation to provide tenants with " A Guide to Renting In The Northern Territory”, provided by the Department of Justice.

NT Landlords must also organise the tenancy agreement and provide the tenant with a copy of the agreement and complete a condition report in the presence of the tenant.

NT Landlords must also sign the tenancy/condition report once it has been reviewed and signed by the tenant and provide the tenant with a fully executed copy within 7 days.

·     QLD

Queensland landlords must ensure their premises, is fit to live in and in a good state of repair. Security must also be of a reasonable standard and a key for each lock must be provided to the tenant.

·     SA

SA landlords must provide a property that is in a clean and reasonable standard and they must provide proper receipts and maintain a record of all transactions relating to the tenancy.


Landlords in Tasmania are required tom provide tenants with a copy of the booklet "Renting in Tasmania”.

Landlords are required to provide a tenancy agreement and condition report and must give tenants between 14 and 28 days’ notice to end a tenancy.

·     Victoria

Victorian landlords have strict guidelines when it comes to entering their property. An agreement has to be made with the tenant, 7 days before entering.

However a landlord can give 24 hours notice if they have to carry out repairs, value the property, show the property to prospective buyers/tenants, or provide a reasonable belief that the tenants are remiss in their obligations or to make one general inspection in a 6 month period.

·     WA

WA landlords are required to provide their tenants with a copy of the form "Schedule 2- Information for tenants (A statement of your rights and duties)”, as well as rental agreement.


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Jason Gwerder
Monday, 3 February 2020

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