Land Titles- What you need to know!

Torrens Title

When you buy real estate, you buy the property and land on which it stands.

This is called a Torrens Title property.

The title is registered in your name and the ownership is transferred to you and you are given a Certificate of Title that states you are the sole owner, and notes any mortgages or other situations that affect the land.


Strata Title

Strata ownership applies if you are buying a unit, townhouse or villa.

The Owners Corporation must maintain common areas and you will pay ongoing levies in addition to water and council rates.

Company Title

These generally apply to units and apartments built before 1960.

When you purchase a company title property, you buy shares in the company that owns the building rather than holding an individual title.

Stratum Title

With this title, the property is divided into lots, so when you purchase a unit or apartment, you become the proprietor of your lot and you also hold shares in the service company that owns and manages the common property.

Government Leasehold

This is when you purchase ownership of a temporary hold on land or property from the government. This means you buy the right to occupy the real estate for an extended period of time and generally applies to rural properties.

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