Dual Occupancy Investment Properties-Double the Benefit!

Dual Occupancy Property Investments are an excellent way to achieve positive cash flow.

Properties with dual occupancy and granny flats attached can attract higher rental yields than what the suburb they are in, can actually deliver to investors in normal circumstances.

The higher rental yield means that you are in a better position to service your loan and potentially further grow your investment portfolio.

If one tenant falls out, you still will have income coming through from the second tenancy or you can live in one side and rent out the other, with the tenant paying your mortgage.

There are many different terms that are used to identify dual occupancy properties.

The following are some examples that you will hear in the market:

• Granny Flat

• Dual Key

• Dual Occupancy

• Dual Dwelling

• Dual Living

• Auxiliary Units

• Ancillary Units

• Secondary units

• Family accommodation

There are 3 ways to define what constitutes a dual occupancy property:

• Existing properties with a secondary dwelling on the back ( like a granny flat)

• Existing properties with renovated carports or rooms in the back

• Existing properties with dual occupancy under the same roofline


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Marlene Liontis
Wednesday, 31 July 2019

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