Legal reasons a tenancy application can be denied

There are laws in place to protect potential tenants from discrimination when applying for a rental property.

There are however, legal instances when a tenants’ rental application can be denied, if any of the following factors are present:


·        They don't have the proven income to make rent.

·        They have bad credit, overdue accounts, or a bankruptcy on their record.

·        They smoke cigarettes or marijuana.

·        They have a pet (that's not a service animal).

·        You can't verify their income.

·        They have a history of not paying rent, getting evicted, or damaging their rental properties.

·        They provided false information on their application.

·        They don't agree to a background or credit check, or they don't fill out the application fully.

·        They have bad references.

·        Their employment history is spotty.

·        They committed a violent crime or one that was drug/property-related.


Always be upfront about your requirements and be sure to process each application in the same manner.

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Marlene Liontis
Monday, 6 January 2020

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