Heritage Listed Properties- What you need to know.

Banks consider heritage listed properties to be a higher risk than normal properties, as they do not appeal to the general market.


Heritage properties are unique and are historically important to Australia and in some cases, have architecture which demands preserving.

Some segments of the market attribute a higher value to heritage listed properties because of the associated history and prestige.

Development of heritage properties is restricted in order to preserve its’ current condition.

Listed properties can gain access to the free heritage advisory services offered by the government that include grants and loans to conserve, preserve or enhance its’ features.

In addition, local councils are required to evaluate the effect of future developments in the surrounding area.

Heritage properties in the right area can make very good investments and it is a good idea to seek an experienced Valuer who knows the area you are interested in very well.

Before purchase you should conduct extensive building and pest inspections and research the home building insurance that you will be required to pay.

One of the negatives of purchasing a heritage property, is that you may be obliged to perform certain upkeep tasks that are required by the local council or state government.

Not all banks accept heritage listed loans and lending guidelines can be a bit ambiguous.



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Marlene Liontis
Tuesday, 24 September 2019

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