Landlords- Beware these tenant scams


·     Your tenant is using a fake ID

Identity theft is a growing problem so be sure to identify your tenant by requesting official identification

·     Tenants who don’t intend to pay you

This is easy to avoid, simply use RealRenta’s Bad Tenant Check facility.

·     Tenants who use friends to pose as employers

This is quite common. Just call back the employer with more questions so that you can verify that the person actually works there.

·     Your tenant is moving from overseas.

Another fairly common scam is when a prospective tenant from overseas may say that their employer is paying all relocation costs. When the amount is mailed to you it could be well over your asking price and the scammer may ask you to reimburse them with the difference. Poor grammar and spelling should be a dead giveaway.

·     The tenant is overly eager to move in

This is not always an indication of a scam but be aware of any tenants who want to move in before you have had a chance to perform all the necessary checks.



Smart Landlords can access Bad Tenant Checks via the RealRenta platform .

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Jason Gwerder
Sunday, 8 September 2019

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