Repairs or Renovation – Maintenance what type of work does this cover?

Ultimately, maintenance claims can include any type of work done to the property that prevents it (or a part of it) from deteriorating or eventually becoming broken or unusable.

The ATO recognises things like painting, oiling, brushing, cleaning, and the upkeep of electricals and plumbing as being tax claimable.

For example, equipment or tools that are purchased to buff away rust, mould, or ingrained dirt can be deducted, as can hiring an electrician or a plumber to mend a faulty cable or pipe.

Other examples include replacing a broken window, cleaning out a blocked fan unit, and hiring a professional to make a soiled carpet spotless again.

It’s important to note that all maintenance and repairs done to the property must be claimed within the year they are performed, and any deterioration or wear and tear needs to have occurred at the property during the period in which it was rented out.

It’s advisable to be well prepared and organised, including filling and making electronic copies of each receipt and invoice to support each claim.

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Jason Gwerder
Thursday, 24 June 2021

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